Services: Home Sleep Study

Gramercy Surgery Center has partnered with the BlueSleep Center to offer on-site home sleep testing to all of its pre-operative patients, as well as any other patients seeking home sleep testing to rule out obstructive sleep apnea. Home sleep testing is rapidly replacing lab testing, and is approved by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMMS).

Testing for sleep apnea in the comfort of home has many advantages over being tested overnight in a “sleep lab.” Benefits include:

  • Patients sleep at home in the comfort of their own bed
  • Fewer electrodes and sensors during the test
  • No disruption from medical staff
  • Immediate test results
  • Very low cost
  • Coverage by almost all health plans

Ordering home sleep testing

Contact us to arrange a pre-op home sleep test for your patient. Our staff is trained to manage the home sleep testing devices and will set up your patients with the small portable device at the center. The patient will return the device the next day. Usually one night testing is sufficient to determine whether the patient has sleep apnea.

Afterwards, the staff will inform the patient and surgeon of the test results, and make treatment recommendations.

Home sleep testing is almost always covered by health plans, but does require pre-authorization in some cases. Gramercy Surgery Center will obtain the necessary authorization for the patients and will contact your office ahead of testing to obtain the necessary medical information.