David Albert MD, Medical Director

380 Second Avenue, 10th Fl., Suite 1000
New York, NY 10010
t: (212) 254 – 3570

Dr. Albert is the Medical Director of Gramercy Surgery Center. He ensures that our patients have a safe surgical experience. Dr. Albert is a member of AABP Anesthesiology, a prestigious anesthesiologist group with extensive experience in multimodal, narcotic sparing pain management.

He works closely with the highly skilled physicians and nurses at Gramercy Surgery Center to provide an optimal environment for our patients. Dr. Albert is keen on expanding medical knowledge for our clinical staff. Through daily sessions, Dr. Albert keeps our nurses and technicians up-to-date on the newest anesthetic techniques, medications, and surgical procedures.

His commitment to patient satisfaction allows Gramercy Surgery Center to provide the most professional services to our physicians and the best care to our patients.