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AP Automation With Stampli

Continuous improvement: one of the mottos we try to live by. Over the past two years at Gramercy Surgery Center, we’ve placed an emphasis on automating our workflows and using technology to reduce the amount of work our team members need to exert to succeed. Although a current process may not be broken, it may be preventing you from reaching a desired future state—and this particular improvement has allowed us to prepare to scale our future operations without bottlenecking.

Shoutout to our friends at Stampli for turning us onto AP Automation! Always amazed at the advancement of technology and this is definitely successful use of AI tech in the accounts payable portion of the financial workflow. Although there was a learning curve (like any transition), we’ve found that the process has checked off several of our strategic goals for our Finance/Accounting Team and we’re beyond excited.

Thank you so much to our AP team for grinding hard these past few months to help us transition our workflow. It is never an easy feat to update a process that has been in place for quite some time and really hard to trust an unknown system. Thank you for sticking with it and putting in time to help our company improve!

Stampli Members Display New Automation Technology