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Becker’s ASC Review’s Coverage Of Gramercy Surgery Center With EmblemHealth

Thank you Becker’s Healthcare for the coverage of Gramercy Surgery Center, Inc. working alongside payers in the New York City area in order to improve the healthcare experience.

Patients are becoming more aware as consumers, and rightfully so, as there is more information made available each day that can help inform important healthcare decisions. In the spirit of continually improving that consumer experience, our surgical concierge program with EmblemHealth in New York City is designed to provide assistance to both EmblemHealth’s members as well as credentialed in-network surgeons to ensure there is no lapse in the surgical experience from beginning to end. In its infancy, it starts with ensuring all ancillary service providers are in-network and patients are not hit with surprise bills. Over time, we will continue building upon the concierge services that focus on improving care coordination and that patient experience.

Being a consumer of healthcare myself (and also serving in the role of managing a facility-level provider), I know just how impactful the financial portion of a patient’s or provider’s experience can be—sometimes setting the stage for or overshadowing the entire healthcare experience. While some take the route of bashing or blaming payers, we believe that alignment amongst all stakeholders—especially with payers—is the best recipe for success. We are happy to collaborate with the great team at EmblemHealth to ensure each of these experiences at our in-network facilities is top notch.

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