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COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

Gramercy Surgery Center recognizes the importance of stopping the spread of COVID-19.  During this time, we are pleased to implement the following protocols and procedures for the safety of our patients, surgeons, and staff:

  • All patients tested for COVID-19 no earlier than 3 days prior to procedure in accordance with NYS Department of Health mandate
  • Clinical staff to establish a negative COVID-19 test baseline prior to returning to work
  • Regular testing of Gramercy Surgery Center staff members
  • All staff to implement universal precautions while within our facilities to include use of facemasks and gloves
  • Use of NIOSH-approved N95s within all clinical areas
  • Screening protocols at the door for all individuals, including completing a COVID-19 questionnaire and body temperature check
  • Increased frequency of facility cleaning and availability of hand sanitizer within our facilities
  • Staff to receive supply of masks to help protect against contracting COVID-19 while not within facility
  • Social Distancing within the center—avoiding any unnecessary concentration of staff
  • Social Distancing within the center—patient escorts no longer allowed to dwell in the facility if space does not permit
  • Paycheck Protection: Gramercy has committed to implementing certain salary guarantees for its staff members during this time to assist with the economic downturn
  • Teleworking: Gramercy has approved teleworking arrangements for its administrative staff
  • Sick Leave: Gramercy has committed to allowing employees to liberally use paid sick leave in order to lower the risk of spreading coronavirus within our facilities and in order to allow our team members to fully recover in the event of illness

For any questions or concerns about or response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact our Administrator, Mr. Jeffrey Flynn, at 646-350-3326 or at