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Grow With Gramercy!

Grow with Gramercy!

One of the things we are most proud of at Gramercy Surgery Center is that we take growing and developing our team members seriously. At any given time, you’ll find a large portion of our team enrolled in some type of educational program—and over the course of the past year, our team has really gotten after it!!

Just to name a few accomplishments: AORN training such as the PeriOp 101 series for our RNs; a suture workshop for a RN First Assist program; admin team members going to nursing school; completion of BSN degrees; certificate programs in leadership, data analytics, healthcare management, and accounting/finance; a Masters programs (shoutout to Cornell Sloan Program in Health Administration); receiving a Certified Administrator of Surgery Center (CASC) designation; and even a yoga instructor certification!

While each of us here seem to have that drive to be the very best version of ourselves, we also do our best to actively foster an environment that allows that growth to occur. An organization taking education seriously means carving out time to sit down with each person to talk about personal goals, working with our team to accommodate flexible schedules for classes, and committing funding to help pursue those goals if necessary. And of course, the recipe calls for a hard working, dedicated team member.

Growth is not an accident. So proud of each of your accomplishments and for the constant pursuit of improvement!

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Grow With Gramercy