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International Women’s Day Tribute

From Gramercy’s very own CEO, Austin Cheng:

Shoutout to my late mother, Katy Chiang, on International Women’s Day. Before she passed last year, she led the team at Gramercy Surgery Center for over ten years. For those who might not know our company’s history, when my mother founded Gramercy, it became the 1st wholly woman-owned and 1st wholly non-physician owned surgery center in New York. The young woman on the left dared to dream big and eventually became the CEO on the right—blazing a trail in the ambulatory surgery center industry in NYC and living out the American Dream.

We are proud of that history and continue to build upon what she left behind: today, Gramercy Surgery Center is made up of 60% women; we serve a number of NYC’s rockstar women surgeons; and we currently rank as the #1 and #2 ASC in New York. In loving memory, Happy International Women’s Day!

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