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Labs Are Back At Gramercy Surgery Center!

To us, our ambulatory surgery center is more than just a place to do surgery—we try our best to make it a positive meeting place for the entire healthcare community. When COVID first took off, in addition to the obvious consequences, the pandemic quietly hit some of our programs and events…but we are happy to announce that cadaver labs are back at Gramercy Surgery Center!

Prior to the pandemic, we were able to offer the NYC podiatry community a place to come together to continue learning and honing their craft. Although we’ve had to put a pause on this project for over a year due to COVID, we’re happy to say that we’re back in action!

Looking forward to hosting many more events in the Spring and Summer. Thank you to all our Gramercy team members who came in on a Saturday with a smile to make this happen, our longtime friend Dr Berdj Stepanian, and our friends at Paragon 28 who helped us dip our feet back in the water: Max Ehret; Jonathan Maniscalco; Zachary Zandbergen.

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