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Tip of the Day: Contracting with Insurers and Maintaining Relationships with Hospitals

Jeffrey Flynn, administrator for New York-based Gramercy Surgery Center, explains how multispecialty ASCs can obtain better insurance rates and why ASCs should foster good relationships with hospitals.

“To date, insurance companies are well aware of the differences between in-network ASC rates and HOPD rates. Hence, insurance companies are more open to communicate or negotiate with ambulatory surgery centers that offer multiple specialties, whereas ASCs with only few specialties often find it difficult to keep payors interested. Multi-specialty ASCs can educate and collaborate with payors and reach favorable results more efficiently.”

“As a free standing ambulatory surgery center, it is crucial to maintain a good relationship with hospitals in their surrounding community. Hospitals will view you as an ally for them to outlet procedures and free up their ORs. ASCs can build a partnership or a good term relationship with hospitals by creating residency programs, setting up transfer agreements, inviting senior management of hospitals to visit your facilities and welcoming cases that are not profitable to hospitals but financially favorable to ASCs. A good relationship with hospitals plays an important role for ASC’s future collaboration and growth.”

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